It's More Than A Mattress "It's About Sleep"

In early 2013, Boyd Specialty Sleep entered into a licensing agreement with Heritage Home Group, LLC that will allow Boyd Specialty Sleep to market mattresses and other sleep products under several of Heritage Home's well-known brands, including Thomasville®. This revered brand transfers seamlessly to the mattress and sleep accessories category and speaks to consumers who are interested in a quality night's sleep.

The Thomasville® Synchrony™ adjustable firmness mattress was developed to provide a better, healthier choice when shopping for a new bed. Our premium adjustable firmness sleep systems use air as the core, and feature independent adjustability, allowing both you and your partner to enjoy personalized comfort and support...without compromise.

Thomasville Adjustable Comfort Mattresses At It's About Sleep 

Superior Features 

Thomasville Airbed Collection

6 Chamber Airbed Technology

What does this mean for your sleep? 

Six Chambers means more control and when it comes to sleep who doesn't want more control over it? Allowing for more precise support from your head to your feet, the lumbar adjustment system of our Thomasville® Six Chamber Airbed allows you to control the firmness of each section all in the palm of your hand. With 2 ergonomic LCD hand controls you can easily change the firmness from firmer to softer with levels ranging from 100 to 1. Our bodies aches and pains change day to day, so why not take control and provide it with the support it needs! 

Individual comfort control

Two sides provide each sleeper with perfect control over their preferred firmness. This means you and your partner can each get the unique support you need. No more making sure your bed suites you both, no more restless nights because the bed is too firm. With control like this you always get the support you need.

Enhanced channel vented gel memory foam

On select Thomasville® models the adjustable air bed is an open cell, channel vented gel memory foam. This channel venting provides cool, refreshing air flow, while the gel memory foam offers cooling and incredible support.

LCD hand controls