A little bit about how we started in the waterbed business and why you see a St Paul Waterbed logo. After many years in the mattress business we were looking for new sleep idea's and a sleep technology that hadn't been looked at for a long time was water. As the waterbed business was transitioning from hardside to softside we just had to get into the business. We had an opportunity to pickup the Sterling waterbed line (a long time international manufacturer of waterbeds and more: see https://appf.com/ ). After some consideration and negotiating we purchased St Paul Furniture and Waterbeds a long time waterbed retailer in the Twin Cities. Since then we have enjoyed the resurgence of waterbeds and helping customers rediscover the benefits of water. Whether you have a hardside or a softside waterbed we can help you find what you need to start or keep enjoying your waterbed.


Andy Peterson

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